As Cycle Tours India, we create immaculate journeys for passionate cyclists, who join us from India and around the world! Together, we’ve covered the most verdant parts of India, soaking in her ever-changing texture and unique terrain, and more-likely we go off-track from the taken path. Our Cycle Tours are routed around capturing the essence of India, pit-stop in a breathless view like you have never seen before. Our Cycling Holiday plans vary from 3 to 20 days. We bring along the most sophisticated cycles, gear to follow, as-per intensity of the ride (with our back up team – who are more than well equipped to foresee, avoid and solve any issue on our cycling expeditions).

Since our inception, we’ve successfully – needless to say passionately – covered Cycling Holidays through exotic locations across the Indian subcontinent, we’ve cycled across the Golden Triangle, Rajasthan; pushed the limits on our enchanting cycling journey via Sikkim, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh in Northeast India; and Down South India we’ve explored Cycling routes through Goa, Karnataka, and Kerala.

Our Cycle Tours are inclined towards knitting the cycling experience to the destination, it’s people, their natural environment, indulging in new traditions, food, and language. Serving our patrons the usual cycling holiday special, packaged in an unforgettable journey.

If you are a cycling enthusiast geared-up to discover a piece of India’s natural beauty, through un-traveled paths – join us on a Cycling Holiday!

About Us

Our Difference


We customize our cycle tours based on our guest’s interests. If it matters to you it matters to us.

Authentic experience

Our team has firsthand knowledge of the region. We seek out homestays wherever possible and we work with local communities.

Safety & Reliability

When it comes to safety, we leave no stone unturned. Our experienced guides are trained on first aid.

Environmental responsibility

We are very committed to making travel more sustainable and responsible. We realize tourism has both a positive and a negative impact on the places we visit. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and leave no trace.


Ezhil Vasanth
Ezhil Vasanthan

After graduating in Commerce, I started working in Learning and Development with Hewlett Packard, a promising career but short lived. Having always had a passion towards outdoors, I found myself a place in the travel industry. I worked as an Operations Manager with one of the leading adventure tour operators in India before starting Cycle Tours India. I hold a basic mountaineering certification from HMI Darjeeling, and trained in wilderness first aid. Over the years I have planned, guided and managed trekking and cycling expeditions to various destinations in India. Every place is special in its own way, but my newest obsession is over the Northeastern states of India; the people, the place and its fascinating stories.

Rajendra Andrew Walters

Growing up in Bangalore, my passion for sports and the outdoors took me off the beaten path. Over the last decade I’ve worked in the BPO and aviation sectors, organised large scale events and have freelanced with an adventure company, conducting tours and gaining experience as a tour guide. I’ve even had a short stint managing a lounge bar in the city. But my heart has always been in adventure and tourism.

Cycle Tours India gives me the opportunity to pursue my dreams while working with some of my closest friends. When I’m not planning the next ride into the countryside with CTI, I pursue my other calling as a serious aquarist and help friends and interested folk setup aquariums.

Mohan Stefan Kumar
Mohan Stefan Kumar

Cycling for me meant freedom. There is no better way to spend a day than to head out on my cycle and explore the countryside. Having cycled extensively around Berlin, on my return to India I was keen on keeping that habit going. After my first long cycle tour in South India I decided that this is going to be my way of life. I quit my corporate job and joined forces with Vasant and Roheen and the idea of Cycle Tours India was born.

Roheen Browne
Roheen Browne Engti

Being born and brought up among the Tea Estates of the Brahmaputra valley it was only natural to be outdoors more often than in. My formal education in the outdoors started when I did my first mountain course with the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute while i was in high school. I have been working in this field right out of college. Prior to this I was working with a larger Adventure Tour organization learning a lot and gaining much required experience. This is what I like to do and I am glad it is my profession.

Daniel Marschall

Ever since I first visited the Indian sub-continent,  I have been fascinated with the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity,  the contrasts of daily life and of Indian history and the Himalayas.   I live in Berlin and am responsible for the Travel planning and consulting at Cycle Tours India.  I have many years of experience working for a German Travel company and have access to many Insider tips. Planning travels and seeking out new destinations is like second nature to me.

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India is a huge country with varied geographical conditions and one can afford to travel to India throughout the year. The best time to visit South India, Goa, Rajasthan, and the Northeast would be between October to March, and June to September would be ideal for travelling to Ladakh and the surrounding areas in the Western Himalayas.

We provide quality multi geared cycles (of various frame sizes) and helmets. However, you may bring your own cycle if you prefer or even just some of the accessories like your saddle, pedals, helmets, etc. we will help you in fitting them on our cycles.

Our routes are categorized as easy, medium and hard, depending on the daily average distances and terrain. We discuss what distances you are comfortable cycling and only suggest routes accordingly. However all our tours are accompanied by a support vehicle, which means you only cycle as much or little as you like.

Our tour price includes the following:

  • Accommodation and meals
  • Cycles and helmets
  • Accompanying guide
  • Airport transfers and accompanying support vehicle
  • Refreshments and safe drinking water while cycling

The prices displayed on the website are only based on basic inclusions; costs may vary depending on the inclusions as per requests.